Saturday, May 1, 2010

eternal seductiveness of life - Amy

I have a case of being in the doldrums artistically. My soul, essence, core is telling me to do something, anything! But that old brain and body is saying "WTF? This place needs some straightening out! When you're done, park yourself on the couch and watch some TV." or, "Go ahead and spend a few hours mindlessly surfing the web, read the news: oil spill, Arizona, clean coal, derivatives, reform, deficit...." 

I know this is a trick, but I find myself getting duped, once again. My heart wants to go out to Mississippi and clean the oil slime off some birds, counsel the families of those who lost their life on the rig or in the mine, give some legislator, smarmy executive  a piece of my mind. Do something, anything! 

In lieu of booking a flight to the gulf or writing an angry letter from some communist-socialist-bay-area-tree-hugging-liberal only to be viewed by  blind eyes and deaf ears (no offense to people who are actually blind or deaf), I will do art. It is something.


  1. It IS something! Inspiration comes and goes,glad you grabbed hold of it Amy! Lovely image!

  2. Beautiful image Amy. Yes, it's easy to get swept away by the woes of the world - which are plentiful and certainly need attending.

  3. I know what you mean Amy about the bad news that seems to infiltrate every facet of life sometimes. I'm glad you found that creating art takes you out of it for a while. I love poppies and this is a lovely capture. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and your art with us.