Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Fairies to the rescue~

These are some fun quick drawings of fairies and their flower petal clothing for my 5 year old sweet niece, that I did today to get the stalled creative juices flowing. I figured if I play maybe I will free myself of my blocks. I plan to stick in in an envelope sent from the from the fairies. This little girl has a huge creative imagination.

This is a quote from her about me and her:

"We are alike, we are plant fairies, you and me. Flower fairies make the earth pretty, Plant fairies are the specialist on the earth, when mother nature gets tired we make plants. " Bethany age almost 5

This child is sent is meant for healing and her words have healed my heart beyond believe.

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  1. This is very sweet! I am sure your niece was thrilled to get this from you!