Sunday, January 31, 2010

Here we go again!

Last year, Susan Kimball, Rachel Goodwin and myself embarked on a mission - to create and make public some form of art each day for the month of February. You can view all our artwork here. It was fun and at times grueling. We each created some work that we were proud of, took some risks, but most of all, found ways to "do art" as a priority in our busy lives.

This project was inspired by song-a-day; the brainchild of Chris Greacen. My husband, Derek, is one of the musicians who participated on this venture. When he did the song-a-day in 2008, I got the opportunity to see him struggle and let go of his perfectionism. If left to his own devices, Derek would work on a single song for a year (or more) and then would just let it stay in some file on his computer, never to be heard by others. We would get into some discussions about if what he is creating really is music if others cannot hear it. I urged Derek to do song-a-day to help free him of his own creative restrictions.

I too had a similar problem. I had a closet full of artwork that I worked on over the years. Hampered with laziness to get some if it framed, fear to expose myself and battle the "I'm not good enough," I decided to take my own medicine: Do art, get it "out there," and don't be too precious about it.

So, I hope that you will enjoy the work posted here over the month. Come back and visit periodically. Feel free to leave comments for the artists.


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