Monday, February 1, 2010

Maiden Lane, Two Views - Rachel

I was in San Francisco on a beautiful afternoon and was taken by the variety of architecture as I glimpsed down Maiden Lane. I had to take the photo, but then what to do with them? Here are two of the treatments I tried, each very different results.


  1. Rachel,
    I love how the top one is so painterly! Makes me want to get my brushes out and paint today! Great composition, the lamp post really adds more and tells a story, without it, not so much...good eye! I am sure it's not period but it takes you back.
    The lowers ones achromatic effect really dates it...1930's maybe??

  2. Rachel - Really nice! I too love the painterly quality of the top image and the line is a great contrast. That little street has such a feel and you captured it nicely!

  3. Great treatment. Is it PhotoShop?

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  5. Nice affects Rachey. I love the remaining bit of red in the bottom photo. it's so subtle and adds a nice balance. Well done as usual.