Sunday, February 28, 2010

The End - Rachel

Today being the final day of Daily Artwork 2010 I thought this little fellow heading out into the aphid filled sunset was a perfect ending. At the very least he has a perfectly lovely end. I've truly enjoyed this month of exploration and sharing, and would love to continue with this project. It's been such a good experience pushing myself to try and be at least a little creative everyday, and I know how easy it would be to recede into my busy life and let artistic endeavors slip away. I hope not to allow that to happen. Thanks to Amy for organizing and setting up the Daily Artwork project, it's been fun reconnecting this way and I'm always amazed by your talents. Thank you for sharing. Lori and Robin, thanks for joining in so much of what you do inspires me to try new things. Lyn, I'm glad that you joined us. Your paintings are so very stunningly beautiful thank you for sharing your visions. Ladies, I have had so much fun and each and every one of you are a treasure to me.

So like the ladybug flying away home I make my departure. Hugs!

1 comment:

  1. A great image to exit on! I saw our first ladybug earlier in the week - love those little chowhounds! Thanks for the kind words. Let;s stay connected!!