Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Acrylic ~ Lori Singer

This is inspired by a bedroom quilt and sheets I had as a child, we had lots of color in our home...it was the 70's. Feeling a bit creatively stuck, and in need of a new book , muse or teacher. I tend to revert back to what I know and I really want to grow...urrr, frustration. At least this post is sunny and bright, it makes me feel a bit better.


  1. I love this design. It's beautiful and does recall the 70s with its earth tone palette. The brighter end of earth tones thank goodness!
    Remember when everything was avocado green, harvest gold and any shade of brown? Thank you for the pink and orange. :-)

  2. yes Robn! My sheets were more gold, but yes pink! Pallette...ha, for me color is intuitive and perhaps that's what gets me into trouble!