Thursday, February 25, 2010

Who ya callin a weed?

When my son was very little, one of his favorite things to do on our daily walks around the block was to pick mom a bouquet of flowers. His favorites were mine and most gardeners disdain. Any brightly yellow colored weeds would due and just thrilled him to gather them up and take them home and put them in a vase for mom.

When we moved to our current home we inherited a hillside and more beautiful yellow flowers than I could ever imagine. Now every spring both children can hardly wait to gather hundreds of flowers for mom.

This is my first real attempt at oils, that I did last spring and embarrassed to say, that I have hardly picked them up again until "Sophie Bell" which was just recently and that was a very quick day attempt which hardly counts. But here it is a moment in time captured with my then old boy still loving to pick flowers for his mom. The photo does not due the paintings colors justice. I must have a better photo somewhere, but for now here it is. This is oil and a compulaiton of two special moments in my childrens life that I wanted to capture. It really defines who they are as little souls and people.

I really enjoy capturing moments in time with children and hope to do more of such.

May all your weeds be wildflowers. ~Author Unknown