Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Toil with Oil Chicken -Amy

I made a new years resolution to explore more painting mediums. The first choice seemed obvious - oil paint. I have been exclusively using acrylics and always felt these were the "bridesmaid" to the bride in the world of paints - luscious oils! Well, I got a starter kit of colors, linseed oil, turpentine and a few new brushes to get me going. How hard could this be?

Well, let's just say I have a lot to learn. My messy and impatient tendencies  were tested to its limits. I wanted to ditch this and the entire purchase of supplies when I overworked the colors to a gray mess. Didn't the oils just make themselves appear beautiful just because they are oils??! With having a stuffy nose and an inability to smell a darn thing, I didn't even get to enjoy the scent I remember so fondly from my high school art classrooms.

The "be kind to yourself" thoughts that I would surely say to others ran through my mind. Learning is a process. One step at a time. I will force myself, I mean openly attempt more oils this month.


  1. You're on your way. This looks great already.
    I love your chickens. Give them a big kiss from me!

  2. Glad that you're being kind to yourself. I'm impressed.

  3. Amy,
    I feel your pain. I did the same thing with my first oil..=mud and hated it. I am impressed that you did so well for your first one, I gave up and didn't try oils for a year. It became increasingly more difficult for me because of drying time and then I took the advice and switched. I am still not very confident with oil and cringe every time I attempt one. The first layer is often soaked into the canvas by the time it's dry. I am not a very patient painter. I really enjoy the process of painting and acrylics give me that instant gratification of pigment, canvas result. I have only done a few oils to date, but I can say does get easier. It really is a whole different experience and I am still learning. The good news is that even one of my professors says, "when he paints, he often has forgotten every thing and feels like a beginner before he gets going again". He is a very accomplished painter, so be kind to!