Friday, February 19, 2010

I'd love to turn you on - Amy


Photograph of my kitchen light switch.  The visual inspiration comes from my love of hardware stores and all things that can be found in such stores, especially the old mom and pop stores. I can spend hours just taking in all the pipes, screws, doorbell ringers and tools. 

The title comes from A Day in the Life - The Beatles. I love making very literal images out of kick-ass song lyrics. Who would not want someone to profess their desire to bring you desire?


  1. This is great, so many every day objects we take for granite and the power they bring to our lives. Light is power, energy and above all light and life. I could see a whole new theme developing for you!
    Light for the artist is everything and to see in places were there once was darkness is success as an artist. I want to see more everyday ordinary objects that fancy you.

  2. I just spent 45 minutes in the hardware store on Wednesday, I couldn't think of a better way to pass some time than looking at all the wonderful bits. The helpful salespeople kept offering me assistance and I had to explain that I was just browsing for what I might want. I came home with some fine gauge chain, stripped nail hole repair materials.

  3. I also love your use of song lyrics - you use them so well. Not only do they reinforce your pieces, but then both your art and the music drift through my consciousness throughout the day, often bringing me back to look again. I've gone back to "I've read the news today. Oh boy." several times.