Sunday, February 7, 2010

Birds~ Lori Singer

Birds~ sewing project~ Lori SInger

For me there is nothing more rewarding than learning, and I love how my life has set me up to be a forever student. There is no shame in not being a master, in fact, being a novice is often a great place to be. It's awe-inspiring to think of all the things there are to learn and wonderful that I have found so many wonderful people to be my teachers. I just love the feeling of conquering a new task or goal and being successful in my own eyes. It's the small milestones that bring me great joy and I love how the creative live offers a life time of learning without mastery. I think if Art were about mastery most Artist would have long given up. I don't know that I will ever be a skillful master of anything, but I take great pride in being and sharing the learning experience with those I am surrounded by.

Today, I mastered the art of the most basic beginning sewing tasks, with a very old sewing machine and no manual. I remembered how to thread a bobbing, perhaps after years of watching my mom do so and with almost a 30 year break. The real challenge was figuring out how to thread the second thread and needle. I did it and then sewed six bird wings for the school play. So here are a few photos of todays success. The wings are still in the design process, but I did sew a few straight lines! Hoo Ray!!
Cheers to new learning! Never be ashamed to begin or be a beginner! Just let the ego take a vacation and create!
Lori SInger


  1. "let the ego take a vacation"...very very well put. I love to ponder over new things I can learn, the endless possibilties makes me feel so...empowered. The fact that I could turn around tomorrow and take a pottery class...just because I felt like it. I'm glad someone shares my take on the whole thing.

  2. learning is perhaps the best position to be in as you put it! Interesting bird stuff

  3. It is all about the journey. The destination is so over-rated.

  4. I agree wholeheartedly. I am studying design at Foothill and after being lucky enough to have lost my job AND it is where I met Rachey-Rach! Doubly blessed. :-)

    Have fun Lori!

  5. Well said Lori, and I like the images here.