Friday, February 26, 2010

On the Road Again - Rachel

On days like today I find myself driving and driving: There's the commute to and from work, the fetching the kids from school and then the ferrying to events and activities. Driving has its moments of tremendous frustration (think traffic, fighting or whining children, unexpected detours and delays) but there are also the moments of solitude that are afforded. In an otherwise obligation filled day my commute serves as a timeout, a period of forced isolation from duty. In those moments I can relax, decompress, listen to the radio (I'm not blissing out to music like so many, prefering to cozy into NPR or KGO's commentaries), scream if I need to; have me time. And sometimes, just sometimes, there's something amazing to look at. Today, crossing the San Mateo Bridge, the cloudscape was breathtaking. I love the clouds before a storm, with their sharp edges and swirling greys and today that's what I found driving to work. I was responsible enough not to dig out the DSLR and start adjusting, instead I grabbed my trusty point-n-shoot and began pointing and shooting. At home, before running off for event two and three for today, I took a look and liked what I saw so I'm posting it for today. Another fleeting moment.


  1. mmmm cloudscapes. They sure take you to a whole other world and give such a sense of peace.

  2. Mother nature sure gave a visual show yesterday! Good for you for having your camera with you! The car rides - they can beat the life out of you here in the Bay Area. Always good to find moment to reclaim it!

  3. What a beautiful and moody photo...perhaps perfect for your moment. I saw those lovely skies yesterday, but didn't get out to capture them. There are so many beautiful places and things to photograph this time of year. I'm glad you found a piece of peace and a moment to enjoy your world in all the chaos.