Sunday, February 21, 2010

The Kitty Who Grows in the Pot by My Door - Rachel

Boots isn't officially "our" cat, but he's made us "his" people. For the last year or so Boots has been having regular sleepovers, he knocks on the screen asking to come in, cozies down in a lap or at the foot of a bed and settles in. Oh, and he has recently taken to laying down in the flowerless flowerpot by our front door when we aren't home. It's really quite absurd, this big grey cat cozied down in an abandoned flowerpot, but I find it charming.
Today I got it in my head to try reproducing a photo of Boots in the flowerpot using charcoal pencils. Charcoal and sketching are new for me and I wasn't entirely displeased with the result, but neither was I entirely satisfied. He seemed so scowly and angry, which wasn't really at all his mood.
I then decided to try another approach, using photoshop to "sketch" him. I've posted both.

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  1. Rachel- It is great to see you exploring various methods and mediums. I like that you did capture this guy's personality. Cats are insane - amd so are their owners/companions!