Saturday, February 6, 2010

Make it Work - Amy

Fabric on board

My name is Amy and I have a problem with socks.

Today I decided that I had to come to terms with my many sock "issues." Yes, I have the common problem that all of us face from time to time- the single sock missing its mate. I am not sure if it is my laziness (I'll get around to throwing it away)  or my eternal optimism (that sock will be in the next load of wash for sure!) that keeps me from dealing head on with this. My guess is that both play a strong role.

I also found the dreaded pairs of socks that I hate and refuse  to wear. Both contently paired with its soul mate in a neat bundle in the back of my drawer. These socks will never grace my feet. I know it and so do they - unless a dire (and I do mean dire)  emergency called them into action.  I have been known to wear sandals on a cold rainy day just to avoid wearing those socks. Yet I can't seem to toss them away.

Then there was the "Costco" issue. I bought a 12-pack of peds all in the beige family. Each one was a slight variant on the other. After a while, I could not tell if its mate was there staring me straight in my face. My thoughts went something like this: does this middle beige go with this somewhat middle beige sock? I'm not sure. Perhaps I can tell  for sure in better light. I will deal with this at another time. Yeah right.

Throw in my impulsive moment when I had to buy a box of knee high pantyhose. Don't grown up women wear those? I am a grown up woman! Maybe I will need them one day. I don't think I ever wore them, yet the box took up valuable real estate in my sock drawer.

So today, a moment of inspiration came to me - put these socks to use in art! So I give you this piece. Don't get me started on my underwear drawer!


  1. What a great way to make it work!

  2. wow!!!! you solve a similar issue I had for socks .
    huh underwear !!

  3. Such a coincidence- I did sock art last week!
    I'll post it so you can get a laugh! ;-)

    Again you have created so much dimension. That's such a talent. You are an inspiration!