Thursday, February 25, 2010

Bright Spot - Rachel

Today I contemplated not posting... it's been a very long, very frustrating day. However, as I was leaving work I spotted some poppies growing adjacent to the parking lot and stopped to take a few photos before heading home. The rest of my day continued to be one which left me short on patience and long on aggravation; here was my one bright spot.


  1. Sorry you had a crap day Rachel. Good for you for finding a bright spot. They are always there if we look for them, right?
    Thanks for giving me a bright spot as well!

  2. Your bright spot is wonderful. So glad you had at least one good one.=)

  3. Glad you found a bright moment. This is a lovely image!

  4. Rachel,
    Your bright spot made me feel happy. Yes, we can find them everywhere when we are open. Hope you have a better day. I know for me the bads ones only make the others brighter.