Thursday, February 4, 2010

Chasing Clouds~ Lori


Trailing Hearts~ finding the hidden hearts


Yesterday...,Yesterday was one of those magical times when both weather and inspiration collide. Driving home over the ridge line these magical clouds seemed to reach out to the girl in my soul, as if to say, come, come, lets play! As I continue to drive home thinking on my days post, I try to find the hidden hearts and then I ran home to get my camera. As you know, lighting and cloud formation is morphing as the seconds tick. Cloud chasing is not easy business. So I jump back in my car to retrace my drive, hoping not to miss a moment in my minds eye. It was contagious following clouds. I drove to places never driven. It was such a freeing experience. Me the camera atop the ridge line. So forgive me I could not choose a single image, so I picked a few to post because I wanted to share them with you, trust me I wanted you to see them all!

If you have never chased a cloud I suggest you try! Cloud Chasing leaves a certain warmth and happiness on your spirit that does not fad as quickly as the cloud do! Take a mini cloud chasing vacation!
Have a beautiful day Ladies!
Lori Singer


  1. There were certainly some gorgeous clouds to chase. Sounds like a fun and re-energizing way to spend the afternoon.

  2. Nice images - I love the small strips of green. Very cool!