Monday, February 15, 2010

Daffodil - Rachel

Another new medium for me, I tried my hand at watercolor using yesterday's photo as inspiration. I have found that photographing paintings is as difficult as any other part of the process. The original has better color than represented here, but this gives you an idea. Any tips on photographing paintings and drawings would be appreciated.


  1. Gorgeous! Great job Rachey! you little painter you!

  2. Lovely, you've really caught the essence. It's great to see you experimenting! Not sure about the photographing...I am never happy with the translation to photography. The colors always seems to be a distant cousin to the original. I have heard you can manipulate the color in photo shop before uploading. I don't know how to use photo shop even though I own it...would love to learn! I sometimes photograph without a flash and use natural lighting, but like I said I am never very happy with the outcome. The original always looks better.

  3. Rachel - this is great! I so appreciate you for exploring more ways to create! Photographing art is a total pain - I do what Lori says - photograph in natural-defused light. If need be, make corrections in PS.