Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Looking Down - Rachel

Today I went out to hike and find a great landscape to shoot, I wandered, shot some photos and found that I simply wasn't getting what I wanted. I quickly grew dissatisfied; then I happened to look down. All along the path, in the grasses damp with the morning's light rain, were these lovely leaves glittering with crystal drops. I had found my subject. I spent a good hour looking down, photgraphing the grass, the mud, the weeds and the water droplets. In a big picture world it's sometimes good to remember that many of the most beautiful things can be found right beneath your feet.


  1. this is so beautiful. It is especially inspiring to me and the way I paint. I love to see nature at its finest and you definitely caught it with this one

  2. Rachel,
    This is amazing! You and your new macro are becoming friends! I want a signed copy for my home!

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