Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A chicken in every pot - Amy

I was inspired by Rachel's  "The Kitty Who Grows in the Pot by my Door" I had to clean the coop - it smelled vile. When we let them out, they first make a beeline to the base of our outdoor bird feeder and pick up any of the fallen gems. Then they go into the various pots in the garden. This pot one once had flowers in it, before the chickens trashed it. This is Henrietta - prime suspect in garden destruction. 

The Republicans are associated with promising everyone that their policies would put a "Chicken in every pot - a car in every garage." Sounds a bit socialist of them to me! Government actually providing a basic necessity to it's citizens?! How dare they! Get your own damn chicken and car! Funny that this was a slogan connected to Hoover and we all know what wonders he did to our financial system. I hate to admit that I agree with anything connected to Republican ideology, but on this one, I actually do. Albeit a chicken in every flowerpot (so that you can all enjoy the benefits of fresh eggs for years to come).


  1. Because of you, I want chickens!

  2. Me too, but I'm not sure that there's room in my flowerpot.

  3. Get them! You will love it. Backyard Chickens web site is a great place to start exploring this wonderful world!

    Rachel, you would be surprised at how they can all fit into the smallest spaces (there were 3 of them in this very pot before Emma came along to play)