Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Behold, Summer - Rachel

I adore summer with it's long, bright, lazy days and happy children. Marigolds, the bright orange of the blazing summer sun, warm me; I bask. Cool blue of the pool, it
beckons me to dive in, revitialize and refresh. I wish I could live the summer life all year.


  1. Intoxicating colors of summer! Thanks for playing today, perhaps we can help each other revitalize. I have the next place for a date set! The kids were great today! So proud of both of them!!!!!

  2. Lovely Rachel. They look like they actually get to use that pool, happy as they are. :-)

    I'm sorry that I have no pictures to contribute but Kaylah had a great time with my camera so it's worth it.

  3. Great colors. Can't wait to see more!