Thursday, August 5, 2010

Noticing - Rachel

Has there ever been a time when something which you had never paid any significant attention to suddenly became relevant? Have you then had the experience of noticing it in abudance thereafter? This sage is my "noticed" object for the year: I first noticed it growing in the planters near my parking lot at work. It was an interesting form, and it really spoke to me. Now, I have been working at my job for 12 years, and for the past 6 of those years I have walked past this plant whenever I have traveled car-office-car at work, but it only peaked my notice in April of this year. Since that time I have purchased a plant and NOW I see them everywhere. Here I've gotten up close and personal with my friend the sage.

As a side note, a VERY dear friend of mine has just moved to Ohio, just outside Cleveland. Had you asked me 5 weeks ago to list everything I knew about Ohio I wouldn't have been able to fill a 3x5 card with facts (hmmm, their baseball team is the Indians, football is the Browns, Cleveland, Toledo, WKRP in Cincinnati - OUT), now that it's relevant Ohio, and more specifically Cleveland, shows up everywhere (tv, bumperstickers, ice cream postings on Facebook). Ohio has been made relevant and now I am noticing.

An interesting aside - at least to me - this is a Cleveland Sage, native to California. See, there they are again.

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