Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The Blue Jay of Happiness - Rachel

My Marian has very strong, and very negative, opinions on the existance of scrub bluejays like this one. She dislikes their territorial and agressive nature, pushing other "more desirable" Stellar Jays out of her yard. Jays are certainly vocal and they demand what they want, but they make me happy with their vibrant blue feathers. I don't think that we have the proverbial bluebird of happiness here in California, so here's my version.


  1. I love scrub jays. Out here they go ballistic and chase the crows out of their territory if they get too close during nesting season. This is a beautiful photo!

  2. I love all jays. I like their brashness and their assertiveness. Maybe my parents should have named me Jay instead of Robin. :-)
    This is a good capture Rachel. I like the way he is keeping an eye on you.