Saturday, April 17, 2010

Gateway View to your soul...step inside, your soul awaits...

Inside each one of us is a beautiful flower garden.
This is the garden of the soul. With each lesson
we learn, the garden grows. As we learn together,
our individual gardens form a tranquil paradise.
- SC Step inside, your soul awaits...

Fioli Gardens have many magical carefully planned views leading to the next garden area.
Fioli is an example of a formal garden which we don't see often. It is a neat and ordered garden laid out in carefully planned geometric and symmetric lines with beautifully planned every blooming beds behind perfectly manicured shrubs and hedges. It's a real treat to peek into the next area to see what is coming into view next.

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  1. I also love those planned vistas through lovely long gardens. The gateways, door and opening are all so carefully planned and beautifully detailed.