Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Distraction through Abstraction 2 - Rachel

I'm up too late and my head is splitting open from sinus pain and pressure. I had all the best intentions to create something new today (I'm still counting today as Monday since I've yet to go to bed), but since I wasn't physically up to the task I am posting another oil and water abstract that I took last week. And with this I am giving up on work for the night and going to bed in hopes that tomorrow's rains will wash away both the pollens and pressures which plague me today.


  1. very cool image - hope you are feeling better!

  2. I really like these. I'd love to see a triptych.

    I hope your head is feeling better with the advent of the pollen erasing rain.


  3. Oh, These are awesome! I agree a triptych would be nice maybe in a shadow box. I have one of water drops and I could see these framed as such too!
    hope you feel better soon