Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Bear in Mind

This is my very first attempt at free form biomorphic imagery. I recieved an A on this piece and was stunned to do so. During the class, my work was going so badly that I thought for sure I was going fail. But after we took it home to work on and then brought it back for our final, my professor had the entire class put all their works up. When he asked which piece had the most change from when it began, all hands pointed to me. I was so scared he was going to say how awful it was, instead it opened a door for me and the rest is history.
This one is called Bear in Mind. Can you see him?


  1. I love the feel of this one Lyn!

  2. Lynda,
    I love the story behind this one and it just affirms that there is often something wonderful lurking behind a artistic block, something waiting to be expressed. It's great that you found a direction. I am still searching and experimenting. I have volumes of ideas, but they have not made it to the work yet.

  3. Oh yeah! This is beautiful!
    You have inspired me as I start my botanical watercolor for class. I am terrified to put the brush / pencil to paper. It's all sketched out, tea stained and ready for me to just DO IT!


  4. Amy, I spent 4 years at MJC, all 4 years I had Art classes, including Art History. 3 of those years I spent with my professor in Figure Drawing, Oil I, Oil II, and various history classes. I also had Color and Design I and Basic Drawing I&II. Funny thing about all that, I only meant to go back and polish my writing skills to get my book published lol. I fell in love with Art and the whole concept of creating with color, color theories etc... The rest is history