Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Too Shy and the Babies

This is Too Shy. When I made him, he kept turning his head away from me and by the time I was done he just looked like he was too shy. So that is how he got his name. The babies are made from all types of fur and felt.


  1. Too shy is adorable and his little friends are so sweet. I know how he feels. I used to collect little teddies and bought a book on how to a million years ago but never made one.
    thanks for the share

  2. Wow! The bears are adorable, I'm so very impressed the you made them!! This is such a cute composition too. Very sweet.

  3. I echo Rachel. Such a wonderful composition and they are so sweet! You are so talented!

    I'm going to hug my teddy bear now. Okay he's actually a stuffed bat but still a great friend.