Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Starbursts - Rachel

Dandelions - weed or flower? The bane of the gardener's existance, I still find dandelions nearly irresistible. I know I shouldn't pluck its lolly shaped bloom and close my eyes and make a wish and blow... but how can I not?? Their delicate repeating patterns, the floating seeds like parachutes on the wind. Catching the slightest breeze, glinting in the sunlight, childhood memories calling me to blow and wish and enjoy their simple gift. I'll deal with the damnable weeds once the seeds have flown.


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  2. I wrote you a little poem Rachel, about you4 little dandelions and realized that I forgot something and it deleted the whole post, so here I will try again!

  3. Wishing faeries softly blown off their perch
    swirling in the breeze with pale spinning skirts
    Eyes bright with expectation
    to see your tiny glowing wings
    Dandelion faeries come dance on the breeze

  4. Weed of flower doesn't matter. You have made a nice piece of art out of it.