Sunday, March 28, 2010

Ink and water

This is a back corner of the school's gallery that faced into the art courtyard that I chose to sketch out with pigment liners. After we had finished the sketch we took Japanese water color brushes and went over various areas with a lightly wet brush to get the effect you see here. I really enjoyed doing and tried it with a picture I had taken at Mission Carmel also. Easy and fun project for children to play around with as well when you are teaching them how to use their eye to see what is full and what needs more space.


  1. I had posted a comment before... wonder what ever happened to it. You might just have to teach me as if I'm a kid... great image, I'd love to see the Mission Carmel one!

  2. hehe, it is fun to do. it would be great to take some paper and pens with us when we go on our little photo shoot hike and do that as well