Monday, March 15, 2010

Kissing the Possible - Rachel

Reflections are fascinating to me: They're the same yet different, and sometimes there is a bit of magic to be found in them. Today I paid a very quick visit to the zoo before picking up the kids at school and this little giraffe seemed drink in both the water and his own image. As a zoo animal he's well cared for, but I can imagine him seeing different possibilities for the giraffe in the mirror. Don't we all sometimes wonder what's on the other side of our looking glass?


  1. Interesting! What did you use to do this?

  2. Lori - Photoshop Elements. I'm no guru, and I'm almost entirely self-taught through experimentation, but there's a fantastic book by Scott Kelby "The PhotoShop Elements Book for Digital Photographers" which gives very clear, step-by-step direction on a great many of the tools and effects. He also wrote Scott Kelby's 7-point system for Adobe PhotoShop. Again, step-by-step and very clear.

  3. Neat composition Rachel.
    I too love reflection shots (SHOCK!)and you've made this one all the more interesting.