Saturday, March 27, 2010

hand in hand - Amy

I really liked this shot, but that damn silver watch kept screaming for some attention. I tried stamping it out in PS, bit it made the arm all distorted looking. Then I settled on darkening it up. Perhaps it is a tattoo? Or a funky bracelet? (both of witch Derek would never adorn himself with)


  1. I love this. I think your fix worked pretty well and the watch isn't stealing the scene at all. Good job. I keep thinking someday I need to take an actual PS class, but not now.

  2. it is sweet and sentimental, I love it. Great work =)

  3. So sweet! Give that little on and big kiss from me.
    Go! Do it right now!


  4. What a beautiful memory and moment in time as they grow so quickly.
    Very sweet and the watch doesn't bother me at all...great job toning it down. This is one of those photos that will hang on your wall forever and make you smile.