Monday, March 15, 2010

Ranaca laca laca

Ranunculus is such a funny word/name and very hard to pronounce and remember. When I first fell for them many, many years ago, me and my dearest friend could never remember the name and we would play with the word, saying you know those Ranaca laca coulouses, well still to this day that memory floods my mind when I see these beautiful spring rhizomes.

Ranunculus come in such fun vibrant colors and make the most beautiful bouquets and cut arrangements. They are just one more reason to love spring.

Lori Singer


  1. I agree. I just love ranunculus. They are so beautiful and old fashioned. My Nana had them in her yard so they are a flower whose name I always remember. Nice capture Lori!

  2. I was just admiring some lovely ranunculus earlier today. Love them. Lovely photo Lori, particularly with that little pop of pink behind that rich golden bloom.