Monday, March 29, 2010

Peregrine - Rachel

Today while walking in SF with a friend I spotted a raptor, I believe (s)he is a peregrine and (s)he was quite a willing subject. I was within about 5 feet taking photos and merited but a few curious glances. Raptors are exquisite, graceful and noble birds - fiercely determined, shrewd and keen. When I see raptors I think of my grandmother Eleanor who cared for wounded birds of all ilk, but especially these masters of the hunt. My grandmother, like the birds she tended, could appear frail and delicate, but she was fierce and capable; a woman who could climb mountains, handle snakes and handle pretty much anything thrown at her. I aspire to have have some of her daring and indomitable will.


  1. This is an incredible shot. To get that close is a treat! I follow the nest cam in San Jose every year, it is so neat to see the birds in action!

  2. There is a nest cam in SF too! Maybe you caught one of the "famous" city birds!

  3. I'm amazed that you got so close. Great shot!