Wednesday, March 24, 2010

White chalk on black paper

Here is yet another still life. This time done on black paper using a white cont'e crayon to bring out only the highlights of each piece. We were learning about shadows and the varying degrees of light and how they create their own shapes to form a whole


  1. Another really interesting image and fascinating technique. Wow!

  2. The details of the shadows on the hands are great. The contrast of the white on the black paper is cool. Looks like you had a fantastic drawing teacher.

  3. Richard is the best!
    This is his website. The links for his artwork are on the left side and under paintings, one of my all time favs is The Satyrs. (notice how the one in the center beckoning to you looks like him lol!)I have known him for 6 years now and had 3 years under him with almost all the art classes he has listed except for 161 and 169. Enjoy!