Sunday, March 28, 2010

Camelia - Rachel

I've long been fascinated by camelias. As a child I used to take the dried out pods and peel the layers, endlessly engaged by the process. Today I have four huge camelia trees (they've outgrown the title of bushes or plants) and they still draw my eye. Here's one of my pink blooms, heavy with pollen; awaiting fertilization.


  1. Very Pretty! We had a bush in our front yard and I did the same thing:)

  2. how soft and sensual it is. The eye is beholden and drawn inward to the softness that beckons one. shameless hehe

    I bought a little pink Camellia plant last year and she survived the nasty cold we got this winter and is starting to bloom. I wish I had Lori's fab green thumb and patience so my garden areas would look as beautiful as I picture them to be instead of the dead brown blobs they have become.