Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Morning Sketch~ Woman

Morning sketch of a model from a magazine. I tried to distort the features and head shape and still make it work, which Dickson tried to teach us and I never quite got. I think it's appropriate to alter models features, because high fashion models often do look distorted. We just don't see that many perfectly shaped features and towering tall thin women, so when we see them it seems like an oddity and for me makes me look even more. I made her very curvy and voluptuous. By distorting this sketch it forces you the viewer to keep looking because our brains tell us something is wrong. Some how I posted by accident a floral bouquet I made for a bride, but thought it went well with this very flowery female, so I left it in for you to view.
Lori Singer


  1. the bouquet is beautiful! I love your drawing abilities. The distortion is so fun

  2. I had a momentary flash of your wedding pics, the blonde hair and bouquet sent my mind in that direction. You're so good Lori... really, truly. I'm in awe of you, always.

  3. OMG~ Rachel, that is funny! Your right! I was oozing female power that day and funny my own bouquet had stephs and same white color theme. I really don't know how I uploaded the bouquet it was an accident and I just went with it, but your right!
    Thank you for the generous complement. I feel like I am finally going somewhere. Problems as in life or art need to be worked on until they are done, and sometimes it just doesn't happen. I'm happy when it does happen...right, not unlike photos. I have been told and read over and over it's the work that matters most. The work will get you to the next level of seeing or understanding.