Friday, March 26, 2010

The Flower Thief (Robin) Strikes Again!

This time it was wildflowers found on a hike. Again I know it's wrong but I only took one of each type. To pay me back, most died before I even got home. :-(
I am continuing to play against colored glass and I really like it. It's kinda like painting.
Let me know what you think. And Lori, tell me what the flower is. Thanks!


  1. Robin,
    These floral shots are just exquisite. Each portrays yet another blissful human emotion. The background really changes the entire feel and emotion of the photo. This one speaks of young romantic beauty and love to me. I'm in love with these floral floral takes, they really speak to my romantic heart and love of flora. Well done! When do the copies come out?

    P.s. I am not sure, looks like it must be in the onion/bulb family but without seeing the folliage it's hard to tell...stumped. The flower is just lovely. I love the lines on the bud and how it twists before opening. The buds remind me of tulips, especially how they are soft focused on the edge do to the lens. Just love it!

  2. Robin,
    It looks a lot like the Arabian star flower, but the center usually turn black latter or it could be a type of star of bethlahem flower I'm really not sure that would be my guess with out seeing more of it. I really think it's a bulb.

  3. These are beautiful, oh larcenous one. The flowers, of course, are pretty but the background and focus make the images! Well done.

  4. hehehe larcenous one, I love it! I want to lie in a greek temple on a chaise with these flowers everywhere and columns around the outside with the whole area outside of temple a veritable garden of flora and lovely aromas. The entire temple being open on all sides to enjoy the beauty