Thursday, March 4, 2010

A Darker View - Rachel

I took some interesting drive by photos I drove across the Bay Bridge on Tuesday, unfortunately my windows were FILTHY and the lighting was challenging (particularly while driving). I had one photo (see above) which held a strong skyline and some amazing clouds, and as I was cleaning it up in Photoshop I realized that I didn't actually want to clean it up at all, rather I wanted to do something completely different with it. Perhaps it's all those billboards for Tim Burton's spin on "Alice in Wonderland", or perhaps it's our crumbling state infrastructure and collapsing educational system, but I was drawn to elicit the darker view: A rusting bridge and skyline under an ominous sky.


  1. Yes! I like how the heavy dark ominous clouds look as if they could erase the view of what was...leaving us with the unknown, not at all unlike what is happening with education.
    I have photo shop envy!

  2. Very interesting and spooky. I love how in PS you start out with one intention and end up with something way more cool.