Tuesday, March 23, 2010

polka dot girl~

Morning sketch book. A mix media illustration portrait of polka dot girl in the rain. The source of inspiration are photos and outfits that my darling daughter has worn throughout her life. While they are in no way intended to be realistic portraits of her and I am just playing with portrait illustration that is made up, the inspiration comes from her and photos taken of her and the crazy sense of fashion she has. She had always had an eye for color, detail and fashion from a very, very early age, it's very cool. Her desire to make outfits is just one thing I had to surrender to having a very independent little girl who has had her own mind almost since birth. I love how children express themselves in their dress, it just makes me smile. I always bought these cute outfits and never knew how they'd manifest as an outfit on her, early on I would fight it and then just realized it was her and really important to her . My dream is to illustrate a few children's books...hmmm? Dream..., but it doesn't hurt to dream!
Lori Singer


  1. sounds like a goal to work towards, you do wonderful work. Lets work together! I'll write and you do the great artwork! Collaboration! that is the key hehe

  2. I really like this illustration. You would be great as an illustrator.

  3. You manage to put in feeling and vulnerability and still keep it simple. That is a real talent.