Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Pop Poppies - Rachel

Today I was having a conversation with my daughter about words, specifically about how words seem to warp and sound strange if you say them enough. Any word can move from the realm of "That's a word I use it all the time" to "Wow, what a strange set of syllables" with enough spoken repetitions. Go ahead, try it.
The word which began this conversation was poppy. We were passing fields and hills abloom in California golden poppies and she kept repeating the word until it began to sound strange to her ear; eventually it began to deteriorate for me as well and I got stuck on the word pop, which made me think of pop art, which made me think I should see what kind of pop art homage I could create with Photoshop and one of my recent poppy pictures. Here's the result.


  1. And inspiration is born! It's great to see you thinking like an artist! I do the same thing with words. I sometime hear a word and wonder if it's really a word or the word I am thinking of and it doesn't register with my brain as making any sort of meaning. I really like what you have done. I especially like the square motif, and have always wanted to do this in a painting. I would love to see some of your photos blown up and cropped in squares. It can really change the whole look of a photo. I wonder why many old school film photographers print proofs in square? hmmm?

  2. I love doing things like this. I need to learn photoshop better. I did some in school but the new one is more difficult to learn for an old fart like me lol

  3. Scott Kelby's books are great for self-learning PS. I haven't yet taken a class, maybe I should, but for now I'm content.