Saturday, March 13, 2010

My Girls

These are my beautiful daughters, Emily and Taylor. Today as the sun was flooding my studio, I felt the need to do a charcoal sketch of them together. But I could not find a suitable picture and getting them to sit still for more than half a second is near impossible. So with some help from my live in computer guru lol, I learned how to cut, shape, blur and re-size to get the kind of image I wanted. Now the background is one that I found on the web and it is blurred and the girl's pics are separate images from when we were up in Columbia (above Sonora) last fall. I was very happy at how it came together. I now feel that I have something I can work with and as an extra treat, a great pic of my girls together with both smiling at the same time for once!


  1. it did come out pretty nice, I look forward to seeing the charcoal peice :)

  2. Very nice composition.
    Selecting is one of the more difficult and rewarding Photoshop tools. Good work and lovely girls. I hope I'll meet them today.

    I too look forward to the sketch!

  3. It is great to read about your process. Looking forward to seeing the sketch too!