Saturday, March 13, 2010

My Room with a view~ Lori Singer

My room with a view is not unlike my life. There are stones turned wonky, stones that are broken, some straight and in place, but as a whole the picture is pleasing to me. My life is, just a life nothing great in comparison so some,but holds a beautiful light that keeps my heart in the right place when life's "weeds" try to invade. The golden light not unlike the golden Daffs let me know that the path I lead is the right one for me.

We each have our own path and there should be no shame, blame or ridicule because we each can choose our unique own path. We know we are on the right path when our life to is filled with golden light even in the dark places, we feel a beam of warm light that keeps us open to the better days. For now I pull the weeds that try to invade the deepest part of my existence and send me down a wrong path.

Life is but a ton of choices and we can choose to be who we are and we cannot change how our view is misinterpreted, but we can choose to make choices, somedays we fail, others we grow and move further down our own personal path.


  1. Lovely writing Lori. I am so happy that we get to become in person friends tomorrow!