Sunday, March 21, 2010

Horse Eye View - Rachel

Yesterday I had the opportunity to accompany my daughter's Girl Scout troop to a horsebarn. There they learned all about the parts of the horse, their care and keeping, etc. This horse, Chelsea, was the picture of patience - being curry combed, brushed, and fawned on by 10 enthusiastic girls. She was so gentle with the girls, but what was she thinking about them? What did she see? Here's a small glimpse.
Click on the image to view larger and see the reflection. How many girls do you see? Like my tie dye?


  1. Very cool! Eyes are the window into the soul (so they say!)Nice capture

  2. What an awesome experience for the girls! Most my spare time was spent on a ranch as a child. Such great times.

  3. How fantastic to be exposed like that. all too often we take so much for granted being city folk and we miss out on opportunities such as this.