Monday, March 8, 2010

My 2nd watercolor - Robin

And my first botanical print!

There were size issues with scanning so the borders got cut off and I don't have the inclination to fix the middle were the 2 parts meet. I wish I had the experience to keep things in better scale not I can't yet paint small enough and still get detail. I like my yallow jacket best. 
I have my next project to start. Pattern and then pattern used on a product. There is going to be fun. It will be my last project and I am very sad. Next quarter it's back to computer generated work. I will really miss the hands-on classes.


  1. Nice rendering and watercolor. I think your detail is fine! Dog wood is something we don't see here much in the California low lands. Your bugs are great!

  2. Yeah! You knew it was dogwood!
    Wait, unless it's because you read Latin as opposed to my painting being identifiable?

  3. No, I wish I could read Latin and always wanted to take it. I have a high plant by sight IQ...if there is a such thing as plant identification intelligence. lol

  4. That turned out wonderfully. Really nicely done Robin!

  5. This is beautiful, it has a sort of 1920's feel about it for me. I really love it. I wish I were daring enough to try watercolor also! hehe